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It all started in the middle of the night.

I woke up and began to worship my Father.

Then I read the book of Esther.

Finally, I went back to sleep and began to dream:

An architect was building a 'thoroughfare' that was on stilts.

The thoroughfare was of an organic material, and it was alive.

It was incredibly beautiful, very large, with buildings in and on it, crowds of 'people' amid it, and it was moving gently, gracefully.

The organic material was vaguely like feathers, warm, and gave the toucher a sense of adoration, pleasure, and awe.

However, the architect (who was an angel) was going through a time of challenge. Part of his challenge was the fact that he was creating this 'building' with words, but the words did not look quite right and had a 'preventative' effect on the building (ie they restricted the movement of the thoroughfare).

I saw the words - they were like block capitals, done in outline, and had a slightly sandy texture inside (I could not, however, read what the words spelled out).

Weirdly, all of this had already taken place many years ago, and the illustrative work I have been producing throughout my life has been relevant to his building of this thoroughfare. But the angel was relating this 'story' to me in the present so that I would be encouraged to illustrate in a more intensive way.

More specifically, he showed me that my current drawing is changing the form and function of the thoroughfare. As I draw, the thoroughfare no longer relies upon the stilts (in fact, they become 'living' adornments - large enough to accommodate people). Also, its movements are greater, more elaborate, more beautiful, and energized by the 'injection' of worship in my drawings.

He indicated that he had guided me to read Esther, so that certain forgotten elements in myself might be 'remembered' - woken up by about Mordecai. Indeed, I should read up on Mordecai to see what I can learn about him with specific reference to my current relationship with the Lord - and wait for encouragement to manifest somehow.

In his very gentle, quiet way, the angel now 'embraces' me in encouragement and in partnership. It is as though this angel has finally been able to approach me and tell me that we have already been working together, and now will be doing so in an ever increasing intensity.

And he has repeated his exhortation that the 'secret' of an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ is to continually look 'heavenwards' (and away from the cheap thrills found in this world) worshipping the Lord specifically, personally, no matter what is happening on a personal or national level. Worship is vital for the movement of the follower of Christ in this world.
Loving.cross.4 by touchdry

The graphite adventure begins

For this style of work this stage is a challenging time.

I have to carefully apply the graphite so that just the right contrast is drawn (but not so much that I have no choice should I need to darken things at a later stage).

Precisely WHAT I draw is a matter, or should I say a result, of prayer. The God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ is ... a wild God, an unfettered God, a God that IS outside the box! He is not party to my rules - I am the one who needs to look for the inspiration from Him for whatever is required ... which in this case are relevant images to the subject of His undeserved love, compassion, patience, supernatural demonstrations ... and His fatherliness!

More precisely, I pray for imagery as I move the pencil ... and the above graphite work of this session is the result of just that.

Its hard to explain but rather than look for inspiration, my attitude is changing towards - believe it or not - adoration to what already is (which is only found when I am turned, by the Holy Spirit, to attempt to gaze lovingly into the 'face' of my Father)! And amazingly, within that 'unhuman' experience pictures and images appear and disappear, like incense smoke. Sometimes I 'see' in my mind, other times abstract 'feelings' embrace me, which, in turn, move my enquiring thoughts to fish out a likeness. Does that make sense?

All this happens at speed! And sometimes it is hard to keep up!!

Sitting here, preparing for the next session of teasing out graphite, gives me a tremendous sense of excitement, determination, confidence, challenge, curiosity, pleasure, and purpose!


Tim Seaward
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
These latest drawings are worship drawings.

Worship, for me, has nothing to do with religion, but rather it is receiving a demonstrative supernatural love from God, and at the same time "voicing" an extremely positive response (which includes tangible feelings of reciprocal love, joy, amazement, excitement, acceptance - to name but a few), which, in my case, results in the production of images conceived from a declaration of a dynamic relationship - human to, and from, God.

"Demonstrative love" in that God's fatherhood is revealed here and now, by the "supernatural" ... ie miracles (healing the sick, making the lame walk, restoring the physically and mentally damaged, casting out demons, raising the dead!) here - today, when authority is applied through Jesus Christ.

It is early days yet, but I have already witnessed Jesus, in His love, miraculously removing poison from the body, partial restoration of sight from an incurable disease, and bringing relief from incapacitating neuralgia.

So, whilst these drawings bear witness to God's personal love for me ... I would like to invite you, dear reader, if you have issues - be they physical ailments, mental struggles, or any other "impossible" situations ... to receive the incredible love that is pouring down onto this hurting earth. I am not asking you to become religious (Jesus did not die so that I could "do" church), I am not even asking you to believe in God ... I am simply offering you the chance to be on the receiving end of the miraculous that is happening now.

It's a choice.

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