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Deliverers back by touchdry
Deliverers back
...See the last submitted image for the details about this.
Deliverers Cross - work in progress - session 1 by touchdry
Deliverers Cross - work in progress - session 1
The following event took place near Dudley in the Black Country UK in 2004.

I was cycling to work along a canal path early one frosty morning.

As I approached a slight bend in the path I began to slow down. As I did so the front wheel slipped to the side about half an inch, causing me to become off-balanced. I instantly realized that I was heading for the canal itself.

I tried to find my balance so that I could correct the direction I was going in but it was too late - the front wheel plunged down into the canal, catapulting me up over the handle bars, and I dived head first into the icy black liquid.

As my head splashed beneath the water it immediately and violently met a large block of concrete just below the surface.

Surprisingly, I was not knocked out - if I had been then I would have almost certainly drowned because there was no-one around at that time of day to come to my assistance.

However, I was not even dazed. Instead, I swam back to the bank, dragged myself out of the smelly water, then sort to retrieve the bike - which, incredibly, had ended upside-down with the wheels sticking out of the canal. So, it was quite easy to simply lift the bike onto the bank.

The bike was OK to ride, and even though I had lost my glasses, I decided to ride back to my house ... back along the canal ... soaking wet ... blood pouring from a gash in my head ... having completely blurred vision ... I must have looked a frightful state - the left side of me crimson from blood - the right side a greenish grey colour from the scummy surface.

My partner rushed me to hospital, and when they heard that I had fallen in the canal AND cut myself they became very alarmed. I realize why now because recently a teenager had fallen into the canal in Manchester UK - and died within hours!

But, this was not to happen to me. In fact I spent about two months experiencing a number of strange instances - like puss oozing out like small worms from my head wound - like my head growing to twice its size - like experiencing intense pain whilst the nurse scrapped my wound clean - like having to walk about with a large piece of bandage the size of an A4 piece of paper.

But I survived!

Something happened which I cannot really explain. The nearest thing I can verbalize is that a "cushion" was placed between me and the concrete. And I believe someone placed it there ... and I now feel absolutely sure that the God and Father of Jesus Christ, or one of His angels, made sure that I would not die from drowning, or die from the poisonous waters. And I know why ... but that is another picture.

For now the above pencil sketch was the first inspired manifestation from the "other" realm into this physical one. The next submitted image called "Deliverers Back" was a preparatory drawing for another related idea, but was spot on for visualizing the abstract "stuff" playing around this idea ... so I will incorporate the two.


Tim Seaward
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
These latest drawings are worship drawings.

Worship, for me, has nothing to do with religion, but rather it is receiving a demonstrative supernatural love from God, and at the same time "voicing" an extremely positive response (which includes tangible feelings of reciprocal love, joy, amazement, excitement, acceptance - to name but a few), which, in my case, results in the production of images conceived from a declaration of a dynamic relationship - human to, and from, God.

"Demonstrative love" in that God's fatherhood is revealed here and now, by the "supernatural" ... ie miracles (healing the sick, making the lame walk, restoring the physically and mentally damaged, casting out demons, raising the dead!) here - today, when authority is applied through Jesus Christ.

It is early days yet, but I have already witnessed Jesus, in His love, miraculously removing poison from the body, partial restoration of sight from an incurable disease, and bringing relief from incapacitating neuralgia.

So, whilst these drawings bear witness to God's personal love for me ... I would like to invite you, dear reader, if you have issues - be they physical ailments, mental struggles, or any other "impossible" situations ... to receive the incredible love that is pouring down onto this hurting earth. I am not asking you to become religious (Jesus did not die so that I could "do" church), I am not even asking you to believe in God ... I am simply offering you the chance to be on the receiving end of the miraculous that is happening now.

It's a choice.

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